Monday, 26 December 2011

General Assembly

The General Assembly of united nations is the council of every members. Each member have a casting vote but a member can send up to 5 representatives for the meeting. All other council of U.N should submit their report to general council. New York is the center of General Assembly.
Leaders Of Nation Addressing General Assembly
Functions Of General Assembly
The complete matter is discusses and functions from the charter of U.N by General Assembly except some which is controlled by the security council. The budget controlling and selecting a new member (nominated by Security Council) are the major functions. For all it needs a vote 2/3 of presented members. The temporary members of  Economic and Social Council and some members of Trusteeship Council are elected by U.N General Assembly.
The General Assembly is divided into 7 sub committees for the smooth working and they are are
  1. Economic Sub Committee
  2. Political Sub Committee
  3. Social Sub Committee
  4. Trusteeship Sub Committee
  5. Legal Sub Committee
  6. Administration Sub Committee
  7. And a special Political Sub Committee
The General Assembly council held in the third Tuesday of every September.


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