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United Nations

The united nations is an international organisation which is the hope and conscience of the world. U.N.O is the follower of league of nations which was the international association of countries. Currently there is 192 members in it. U.N is the largest international organisation of the world.

Formation of  The United Nations.
In 1941 at the time of second world war President of United States Mr. Franklin.D.Roosevelt and the Prime Minister of Britain Mr. Winston Churchill arranged a meeting in the summer and the idea of  U.N for cooperation and peace between countries where put forwarded. And they signed in the Atlantic Charter. Later in October of the 1942 the same leaders and The roller of Soviet Union Mr. Joseph Stalin meted at the Tehran. They agreed that to withstand the international peace we need an international organisation and the name United Nations Organisation is nominated by Mr. Roosevelt.

The U.N.O Charter
 In the October of 1944 the charter of U.N.O  formed at  Dumbarton Oaks of  Washington D.C.
Former Soviet Union, United Kingdom,United States and China attended the meet. Feild Marshal Smatt gives the introduction to the charter. The charter meant that it is the constituency of the United Nations.
  To sign the charter a conference where held at San Francisco of U.S.A from 25th April to 26th June 1945.   Britten, China, France, Soviet Union, United States are the leaders of the meet. On 26th of June the U.N.O Charter where signed by representatives of 50 country. And the United Nations officially came into experience on 24th of the October 1945. And 24th October is celebrated as the U.N day. The first conference of U.N.O is held at London in January 1946;and Trgyve Le of Norway elected as the first Secretary General of U.N.O
The headquarters of U.N.O is in 17 acre of land which where donated by John D Rockefeller  at Manhattan island of New York.But the center of U.N.O is works at First avenue ,U.N plaza in the New York City. 
To get the membership the country should be nominated by security council and 2/3 vote of general assembly is also needed. The suspension of a member is also follows this rule.

Trygyve Le
The Aims of U.N.O

The major aims of United Nations are 
  1. Withstand peace security in world.
  2. To encourage the members to made basic needs and to cooperate for removing poverty, illiteracy and deceases.
  3. Made a friendly nature between countries.
  4. To achieve these needs work as center.     
The Flag of United Nation is made on 20th of 1947 by the General Assembly. A blue colored flag contains the emblem of U.N.O at the center.

The official languages of United Nations are
  1. Chinese
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Russian
  5. Spanish
  6. Arabic

 Headquarters of U.N.O


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